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About Us

ST Express ships thousands of packages weekly from all over the world to Bangladesh. From small packages to large shipments, explore our variety of delivery services. Our service includes sourcing/purchasing your goods, picking up from any foreign location and delivering your goods at your doorstep. No worries about custom charges. We care everything and promise to get your products swiftly and safely. Place a booking request today to send your goods to our USA,UK, UAE, Canada warehouse. One of our agents will contact with you and send you the necessary details. We also provide pick up facilities. Upon receiving your goods in our warehouse, we will forward those to your home address in Bangladesh. Our shipping system provides our members the fastest, most reliable shipping experience

  • Door to door delivery service
  • Cheapest rate you can find
  • On demand pickup facility
  • Sourcing/Purchasing support
  • Fastest delivery Service
  • Convenient tracking service

Our Strategy

ST Express is the experts to deliver any package timely with care and maximize members' savings. We combine multiple packages into one and re-package products… to save our customers thousands on international shipping charges.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to delight our members every time they open a box from ST Express. We treat each package as if it was our own, while always exhibiting our dedication to service and superior global shipping expertise.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the shipping method hassle free. Our shipping system is designed to carry out the entire process and provide our members the fastest, most reliable shipping experience.